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Anonymous gasped: Oh your back! Are you still writing? Its okay if you aren't but will you notice the others on fanfiction?

I am back! I am still writing! Am I still writing KNB at the moment, though? … Not really :’( Not at the moment. I will, I will, I will finish that damn story, gah. It’s not fair to just discontinue like that. I’m super sorry, anon :((

Anonymous gasped: Your blog is super pretty. it's kind of rare for an anime blog to be soft and pretty

Thank you ^///^ It’s hard to actually find posts that fit the blog style, though, especially with Kuroko no Basuke. Maybe I’ll change it to only anime graphics in the future. Sorry this is so late!



Pages 13-14 of 黒バス詰め5【腐向け】 by ミナミ
Translation: fyenale
Typesetting: akashikuroko

gsjshdkd Teikou!Akashi x shota!Kuroko, goodbye. _(:’3

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Anonymous gasped: did you watch the second season of free? what do you think??

Sorry this is late! Wow, I feel bad D’: I actually haven’t, since I don’t take much interest anymore xD I reblog it, though, since the edits and gifs are pretty. I’ll be sure to watch it, though, because the new characters look interesting more boys equals more gay.

Anonymous gasped: hi i was wondering if ur the same one from fanfiction with akakuro? if you are then hi!!

I’m so sorry this is a late response. I hope you see this ;_; I am the same one, if you’re talking about a Virelei writer on Fanfiction. Hellos~How are you?


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yukiseijuro gasped: This is a tumblr hug :) Pass it on to at least 10 of your favourite followers and remember don't break the chain

You’re so sweet, omg. Thank you <3 How are you? :)